Maiden’s Hope 2018 Recap

2018 has been an exciting, amazing and sometimes terrifying first year for Maiden’s Hope. When the year began, Maiden’s Hope was only an idea that God kept putting on my heart. Stepping out in faith, we began fundraising and putting together a team of people to go to the Philippines in June to open the Maiden’s Hope Home and serve the people of Manila. During the first six months of the year, we held a Silent Auction/Taco Dinner, the Maiden’s Hope 5K Run and the Boise Dog Carnival fundraisers. Thanks to those of you reading this newsletter and your willingness to support these events and your generous contributions, all of these events were a tremendous success and we were able to raise the $24,000 necessary to fund the Maiden’s Hope Home for the first year. In addition, the team of six teenagers and four adults raised the funds necessary for their June travel expenses through support letters and other fundraisers. It was wonderful to see how God was pulling things together to make Maiden’s Hope a reality.

In June the team from Idaho City Christian Center left for Manila to open the Maiden’s Hope Home for ten teenage girls. At the time of our departure we did not even know for sure that we had a location for the home. As it turned out, the location we thought we were going to use was unavailable, but God had an even better location for us! We were able to secure two apartments that make up the entire third floor of a building behind the church that we work with in the Philippines! This sounds like a huge space but each apartment is one room with a bathroom. We decided to use one of these units for the girls to sleep in, with five bunk beds squeezed in, and one unit as their kitchen, community space and the house mom’s room.

We were able to purchase all the necessary items and have everything ready for the girls to move in before we had to depart the next morning. The house dedication was such an exciting time but God was really just beginning to work in the lives of these young girls and in the lives of the team members from Idaho. The team members had been told to expect to have an experience with God on the trip and God delivered way more than we could have dreamed. Each person on the team experienced spiritual growth in amazing ways and came away with a new world view as well. In addition to setting up the Maiden’s Hope Home, the team also prepared and delivered 100 bags of food to feed each of the 100 families for one week, held an eye glass clinic, played basketball with the local youth and spent time playing and showing love to more little children than I can count. The growth in the team members, especially the teens, has been incredible and seeing them step up into leadership roles in their youth group, at school and in their community since their return has been a joy to watch.

As I write this update, I have just returned from a follow-up trip to the Maiden’s Hope Home. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to stay at the home and really spend time with the girls. I can report to you that all of the girls are doing well in school. Some have struggled more than others but all are benefitting from having a safe place to live, food every day, help with their homework and a stable, loving environment. One of the greatest highlights of the trip was to be present for the baptism of two sisters from the Maiden’s Hope Home and their parents. As I stood by the pool where the girls were waiting to be baptized, with both girls hugging me and tears of joy running down my face, all I could think of was God is amazing. I’m so overwhelmed that He allowed me to be a part of His plan. Each of you has also been a part of this plan whether you made a donation, ran in the 5K Run, sponsored an event, volunteered at one of the activities or provided support for one of the team members. This letter is to let you know that your participation is making a difference and changing lives both here in the U.S and in the Philippines. Thank you for your contribution!

Plans for 2019

While in the Philippines at the beginning of December, we began making plans for 2019. We had the opportunity to secure the second floor of the building and have already moved ahead with renting this space. One of the units has been set up as a computer lab and study area for the girls. The other unit will be housing for additional participants as funding allows. We are also planning another trip for up to 15 people from the U.S. to go to the Philippines in May to help with the Maiden’s Hope Home and participate in other activities to support the community. More details on the trip are available in the Next Trip section of this newsletter.

Next Trip- May, 2019

Interested in seeing first-hand the work being done through Maiden’s Hope? Join us for our May, 2019 trip to Manila, Philippines. The trip will be 10-12 days in length and exact dates will be determined in early January. Each trip has activities based on the desires and abilities of the team members and may include activities like VBS, basketball clinics, construction, food distribution, finger nail painting, music, dental clinics, marriage conference, bicycle repair… Basically if you have a skill or calling, we can put it to good use. The trip will be limited to no more than 15 participants and participants must be in good health and over 15 years of age or have a parent/guardian going on the trip with them. The cost will be approximately $1700 per person. If you would like to be a part of this amazing experience, please email [email protected] with your name and contact information.

End of Year Charitable Donations

As the year winds to a close, if you are looking for a place to make a charitable contribution, Maiden’s Hope would welcome your support. We can assure you that 100% of your contribution to Maiden’s Hope goes directly to support the program. We have no administrative expenses as the people involved in the organization are all volunteers. To make a contribution online visit or checks can be made out to Idaho City Christian Center with Maiden’s Hope written on the memo line and mailed to the following address:

Maiden’s Hope
7 Whitehawk Circle
Boise, ID 83716[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]