Maiden’s Hope Home
GOAL $24,000.00
RAISED $23,550.98

Maiden’s Hope Home

Teens in the Philippines do not always have the opportunity to attend school. Without a high school certificate, these young men and women will have no opportunities for employment. Consequently, they are often forced into prostitution or drug trafficking, just to survive. The Maiden's Hope Home will provide a Christian home and an education for 10 of these young ladies. Offering them hope for the future in this life and in eternity with God. This initial goal of $24,000 will cover the first year of housing, food and education for the ten teenage girls in the program. Contributions of any amount would be greatly appreciated and 100% of all donations will go directly to support the young ladies in the program.

Where Do The Funds Go?

Maiden's Hope is a ministry of Idaho City Christian Center and as such, is being entirely organized through the efforts of volunteers. Consequently, 100% of your donation goes directly to support the teens in the Philippines. Receipts for your donation can be emailed or mailed to you upon request. You can learn more about the inspiration for this program by visiting our About Us page.
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